"Justina Leigh" is born....or reborn....

Monique BellaviaComment
No I didn't have a baby, my GOODNESS no!!!A few years ago I had a small love affair with jewelry making. I spent my spare time searching for unique stones, and thick chunky chains, and creating tough looking and at the same time feminine jewelry!!My lovely Sister (who's middle name is Leigh, you can guess who's middle name is Justina) wore her piece that I made her some 2+ years ago to work recently and, well her boss asked her to have one made for her, I've been wearing mine to work and have gotten tons of compliments as well!!...And so the love affair continues...I'll be starting up my jewelry line again! This time with fresh new takes! "Justina Leigh" is born! Visit my Etsy shop here www.justinaleigh.etsy.comOh and bracelets too!!