Harem Love....

Monique BellaviaComment

Harem Pants are tricky. They look great on some and others they just look frumpy. Personally I love the way they look with flat mens inspired oxfords but I def can't pull that off. I need a heel to be able to wear the harem and a loose silk blouse looks great too! Today since my closet is under construction (pics soon to ensue) I've been finding things much easier bc its fresh in my mind. Cue in Harem pants. I own these in two colors a tan and a black. I decided to sport the black today with a boyfriend cardigan bc I'm getting a little sick my blazers and well when you have a fuller bottom the harem can be unflattering its best if I cover that up. And of course my Justina Leigh "Monte" Bracelet.

Side Note: I have to make 5 pieces by Friday to put in this boutique by my apartment but it seems I've fallen in love with this piece I call the "Monte" and can't part with it. I'll have to come up with something else to take its place!