Michael Kors "Gansevoort"...

Monique BellaviaComment

Still in the process of cleaning out that closet and I stumbled upon these Michael Kors "Gansevoort" brand new in the box!! That I purchased back in Feb. There's seriously something wrong with you if you buy shoes keep them in the box and never wear them for months!....I have issues I know!

I've never worn them, not once!! While I do LOVE them and just tried them on few times, asking my boyfriend what he thinks about 100 times (poor guy) I decided I don't need them, want to keep them, yes just to look at them in my closet but I just have way to many shoes! So I put them up on ebay.........or I need them? AHHH I'm so indecisive I guess I'll just see how they do on ebay!!!