Ellen Von Unwerth for GQ Germany

Monique BellaviaComment

Let me start by saying Lindsay Lohan happens to be one of my least fav celebs. BUT I simply adore all works by Ellen Von Unwerth and her latest editorial work for GQ Germany August 2010 is stunning! Lindsay looks flawless. I've been in love with Ellen Von Unwerth's photography since my first year at FIT when my then roommate who happened to be a photography major introduced me to her work. I even have a few snaps she took using me as a subject in a bathroom Ellen Von Unworth style. If I can find those shots I will most certainly scan and post!

I Have to give credit to Johanna of Sketchbook Six for doing a post on this spread earlier this week. I simply fell in love as I usually do with Ellen Von Unwerth's work! Here are a few of my older favs...