Just a little sparkle....

Monique BellaviaComment

Erica Conte, A friend of mine from High school and College, a super talented textile designer also has her own line of jewelry EConteDesigns that I'm totally obsessed with. I've blogged about her line before and I have a few of her stack-able rings that I seriously wear every day! I even bought a set for my mom for Mothers Day and she wears them every day as well. I also have earrings, and a necklace that I adore!ย  Well anyway a week ago she told me she was sending me one of her new rings that are double dipped in 18K gold. I couldn't wait! The anticipation of this package arriving was eating at me! A few days later my ring arrived and I couldn't even wait to get up to my apartment and open it so opened it in the elevator...cue GASP! I swear it was the prettiest little thing I had ever seen! So delicate, the gold was so BRIGHT and shiny, I put it on and twisted my hand in all directions so the cuts in the gold and the stone (white topaz) could sparkle. Side note: I was in the elevator with about 3 other people who all stared at me like I was a loony as I said to Quintin "OHHHH look how pretty!!!" Quintin politely responded by sitting next to the strangers with a look on his face like "mom your seriously weird and wheres my treat"

Visit Erica's Etsy shop for some of her other amazing styles! AND she will be in Soho on the corner of Greene and Prince street August 7th, 21st, and 28th, go check out her stuff! I'm thinking about selling some of my own line with her at the end of August. I'll keep you all posted!