Leather Love Story...

Monique BellaviaComment

I've been having a weird obsession lately with thick hardcore leather backpacks, messengers and briefcases. I Stumbled upon the Saddleback Leather company on my on line search for a great fall bag and I have to say I'm super impressed!! These bags look amazing and while a $600 price tag may seen expensive in reality its not when you compare it to Muberry (which quite frankly probably knocked them off) at $1200 and up a pop and when you see the workmanship that goes into the bags.Β  They even offer a 100 yr warranty! Aside from the love affair I'm having over these bags I got extremely teary eyed over the Their Story. Please please read it!! It might be my case of emotional PMS but it's inspiring and tear jerking ( what girl doesn't love a tear jerker) From his dog, to finding his wife who he refers to as "hot" on myspace. The story alone could get me to be a loyal customer because I feel like I know him now! I love that feeling!Β  I'll definitely be investing one soon! (but I'll save for it I promise no more huge splurges!!).

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