The Pink Flamingo Cocktail

RECIPESMonique Bellavia6 Comments

Lately I've been on a bit of a grapefruit kick. This has to be the strangest thing because my whole life I've avoided grapefruit like the plague. I just couldn't take it's bitter tartness. But I think as you get older your taste buds change and I've been finding myself craving this juicy bitter fruit. Don't worry this drink isn't overly bitter or tart. The orange juice, and splash of cranberry cut it perfectly. Here's my recipe for this delicious crisp springtime cocktail.

*Makes approx 4 cocktails.

Juice of 2 Grapefruits

Juice of 1 lime

Juice of 1 Orange

Splash of Cranberry (per serving)

Fresh mint

1/2 tsp sugar (optional)

sugar for the rim

1 shot Vodka-1 shot per drink (Titos is my vodka of choice)

Lillet Rose aperitif -1 shot per drink

I peeled my fruit and used my juicer to get the most juice out of them. After all the juicing is done muddle the mint in a cocktail shaker, I used 2-3 sprigs of mint per drink. Pour enough of the juice mixture for one drink into the shaker with the mint, add the splash of cranberry, sugar (if using) and the vodka and Lillet, shake shake shake (yes I sing that as I make cocktails) pour over ice into a sugar rimmed rocks glass (aren't


flamingo ones perfect!). Garnish with fresh mint and a lime wheel and enjoy!